Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is air conditioner have been a primary

Temperatures in the world has increased every year. Which proves that the statement is supported by the melting of icebergs at the north pole and south pole. Size becomes more and more narrow. Meanwhile, the longer the sea area becomes larger and larger. This all happened due to human activity itself. That's because the cutting of trees in wild forests, increasing factory pollution, and increased use of sustainable vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, ships, buses, bajaj, and others.
Therefore, the depletion of the atmosphere. Ultraviolet direct heat can penetrate into the earth. Our bodies feel so heat during the day. Following the development of technology and community needs, electronics manufacturers race to create a variety of AC.
Initially created a device called a fan. Then, together with advances in science and technology by the inventor to create an air conditioner (AC). AC has advanced technology so that its price too high price value, so that only AC purchased by those high-class economy. Facing the challenge of situations like this, electronics manufacturers to make a new alternative, called the cold air. air conditioning became the answer to market demand for air conditioning products with a value relatively cheaper prices. air conditioning working principle similar to the principle of the AC. The difference between the cold air with AC is to use cold water and ice cubes and freon as a mediator.

Along with the development time, the development of AC increased rapidly. Almost all electronics manufacturers vying to produce air conditioners on a large scale. With technological breakthroughs and new innovations such as low-watt AC, plasma cluster (anti-bacterial), vitamins, mosquito killer, inverter technology, anti-rust, and anti-odor room.
Each manufacturer develops different marketing strategies to make people interested to buy the AC. Among them is the advertising in various media, including electronic media, mass media and the internet. Ads constantly, making air-conditioning demand increases dramatically. Producers try to meet the market demand constantly.

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