Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finder AC

Info this time telling the inventor of AC that part quoted from a book written by Katie Hafner and Mathew Lyon in his book: "where wizards stay up late", and the Indonesian version of the Overdrive with the publisher Shira Satria Media. Happy listening!

We do not need to feel the pain because of the heat which sometimes makes the body feel sticky with sweat. But you know what? If John created the AC because it was inspired by concern for the sick?

John was a doctor from the United States who are not from the Black skin (Negro) as reported so far.
The idea makes cooling engine starts from the number of patients suffering from malaria or other diseases with symptoms of high fever.

When it is hot air that makes the patient uncomfortable, the man who was born Charleston, South California, this October 3, 1802, turned his mind how to keep the patient's body temperature can fall.
After seeing the fan in front of him he found the idea. John put chunks of ice in front of the fan. It turned out to produce cool and fresh air as in mountainous areas

In the process, he designed and developed experimental machine ice maker. Creation engine is based on the laws of physics that heat always flows from a gas or liquid to gas hotter or colder fluid.

The machine works by compressing gas (compress) to become hot, then gases are channeled to the coil-coil for reduced pressure (dekompres). As a result, the air became cold.

To develop the invention, in the year 1845, Gorrie decided to stop being a doctor. Six years later he successfully received the first patent issued for an engine coolant. This was originally found in engine cooling now known as Air conditioner.

It's the story of John is proving that a genuine concern will lead us to the kebaikann. From just want to cool the room where the patients. John now had "cool" the world with his AC.

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