Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Circulation AC

Finally, this day can only post after a few days busy with homework, after yesterday discussing the indoor circuit and the circulation of air conditioning units on the topic this time cycle air conditioner outdoor unit.

click here the diagram circuit AC
Component 1 compressor.

Compressor is the heart of his air conditioner cooling function to keep flowing through the system at a certain level of flow, and at a certain pressure., Takes refrigerant vapor into the low pressure side (besa pipe), and the refrigerant vapor into the compressor and then processed into a higher pressure to the high side of the circuit. The level of flow through the system will depend on the size of the compressor unit, and operating pressure will depend on the cooling evaporator is used and the desired temperature.

Component 2 condenser.

Red dot on the exhaust pipe represent refrigerant. Solid red color represents high pressure liquid coolant. Most air and cold air cooling system is designed so that the refrigerant will condense at a temperature of about 25-300C on the temperature of waste air out. Hot condenser means working with a good compressor, the condenser heat in waste by one-legged (condenser fan) condenser coil absorbs enough heat from the steam that causes it to condense. Here we can see the outdoor unit out of the water from the pipes, so do not worry if there is water menetes.Ini heat transfer (condensation) of steam flowing into the air is what makes the hot air blowing out of AC units.

At this stage (drier), high pressure coolant fluid will flow down the liquid line, through a dry filter designed to prevent contamination from flowing through the system, then this high-pressure refrigerant will enter the drier, and continues to flow into the capillary tube ( smallest pipe in the system AC) dn turned into a low pressure.

faucet 3 meter components.

Kran meters or tree pulve way there are 2 types of small and large sizes for AC ½ to 1 pk tree using way ¼ "and 3 / 8" referred to a tap-meter because there are valves inside the lid with the key "L", tree way This is the dividing point between high pressure and low pressure side of the system, and designed to maintain a certain level of air flow to the lower side of the system. and will flow to the indoor evaporator.
Conditiong air system will be designed so that the refrigerant evaporates in the evaporator at a temperature of about 400C, so it will be cold than hot air flowing over it.
This system is designed so that the heat in hot air flowing through the evaporator is absorbed by the indoor evaporator pipes.

4 Evaporator indoor components.

For more details about this circuit has been discussed in previous post read here or here

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