Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Circulation Air Conditioner

Inside the air conditioned room air conditioning units cirkulation for work, to maintain comfort, the room must always be closed, meaning that the windows and doors do not open except when in need, first read about the design of air.
From the picture above can be implemented in the air cycle air conditioning follows:

1.Udara conditioned AC, That is air that has been chilled, the decrease in humidity and feces in the exhale filter into the room as supply air. This air flow velocity will range in 500fpm for low speed (low speed), 720fpm to medium speed (medium speed) and 1200fpm for high speed (high speed)

2. In the room air conditioner supply air will mix with the air of the room, so that the temperature and humidity of the room will be reduced. Decrease in temperature and humidity will be in accordance with the temperature and humidity for the comfort range of 220 - 250celcis

3. AC supply air that mixes with air in the suction back room by the indoor air conditioner unit through a filter and then into the evaporator and the heat absorption occurs at the suction and then going with a blower (fan ac) as an air return (return water)

4. Return air (return air) from the room will be mixed with dust or other dirt in the air, will terutam physical dirt in the air filtered by the filter (filter) which is on the outside of the evaporator so that only air will be clear again when the AC supply you dirty air is not clear that the dust generated due to dirt or small particles of another's accumulating on the old filter kelama make a dirty evaporator do care ac max / 4 months to get clean air and cool in the room.

5. Return air filter that has been in the stools they will be flowing through the evaporator where the heat absorption. heat in the air will move into the evaporator when Naahh AC evaporatornya dirty how can it absorb the heat so air conditioning was not cool to get used AC take care care tips when evaporator clean air conditioner from dust dirt then the maximum absorption of heat and air will be cold soon, when the air back through the surface of the evaporator will condense (condensation) so that the water vapor content in air will be reduced, water or moisture on the surface of the evaporator will fall and the waste out of the room as a drain.

6. Air from the evaporator to absorb heat was on and the blower blow by into the room as supply air, the air in the next cycle repeated again and so on.

Of the six stages of the cycle air conditioned space always includes the stages:
- Air supply
- Air space
- The air return
- Air filter (filter)
- Evaporator
- Blower

Hopefully this article can be useful and to understand more about the air cycle air conditioning room.

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